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Photo Galleries
Photo Galleries
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Class 1 1929-1940

Post your images of your pre-war DeSotos here, and do some bragging!

Topics: 10  |  Posts: 34

1939 Desoto S-6 AACA HPOF Cert...


Class 2 1941-1948

Here's where you can show and tell us about your '41-'48 DeSotos

Topics: 6  |  Posts: 33

Dan and Lois Dolan's 1942 DeSo...


Class 3 1949-1954

Tell us all about your '49 to '54 DeSoto!

Topics: 5  |  Posts: 14

a clip of a DeSoto 1949 conver...


Class 4 '55-'56 DeSoto

Show us your early Exner designed cars!

Topics: 8  |  Posts: 41

1955 Firedome 4-door sedan


Class 5 1957-1959

The years of the big fins. Show 'em off!

Topics: 4  |  Posts: 9

1959 Firesweep 4 door sedan


Class 6 1960-1961

The unibody cars. Fins get slanted. DeSoto's swan song years.

Topics: 0  |  Posts: 0

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Class 7 Modified Beauties

Show us how you changed up your DeSoto and added the custom touches.

Topics: 2  |  Posts: 5

My 39 Custom 4 door touring se...


Photo Galleries

Here's a chance to post photos of your car for the world to see. Be sure to choose the appropriate sub-group and tell us about your car! DeSotos only, of course!

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