Membership Application

National DeSoto Club, Inc . is an active, nonprofit corporation with an international membership organized by a group of DeSoto owners in 1986. The purpose of the club is to promote the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the DeSoto automobile. Today there are approximately 1000 members and 1400 registered cars. Ownership of a DeSoto is not required for membership, only an interest in DeSoto is necessary.

U.S., Canada and Mexico:
1 year: $40, 2 years: $78, 3 years: $116

All other countries:
1 year: $45, 2 years: $88, 3 years: $131

Club services include technical advisors for yearly models of DeSotos, a salvage yard directory, voluntary “on the road assistance”, a national convention held once a year rotating across North America, and a club store. Members also receive DeSoto Adventures , the club magazine, published 6 times per year by a volunteer staff. The magazine includes free
advertising and an annual roster issue organized by by member name, state/country, and DeSotos owned. Homepage DeSoto, the club web site, is on-line at and open to the public. It exposes the club information, DeSoto history, and members advertisements to a much wider audience, and provides a message board for DeSoto related topics.

Download and complete the printed application, or submit the form below.

Please describe any DeSotos you own.

Please list the DeSotos you own, giving all the information you can. The year, model, body style, and condition code will appear in the roster, published every year. The serial number and whom you purchased the car from will NOT be in the roster, but used simply to help keep an accurate accounting of all remaining DeSotos.

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Condition Guide

1. Excellent: Restored to professional standard in every area, or original with all components as new.
2. Fine: Well restored; excellent original; or extremely well maintained original showing minimal wear.
3. Very Good: Completely operable original; or older restoration showing wear; or amateur restoration; all presentable
and serviceable inside and out.
4. Good: Driveable vehicle; or deteriorated restoration; or a poor amateur restoration. Components may need
restoration, but are mostly usable as is.
5. Restorable; Needs complete restoration of body, chassis, interior. Not driveable, but not weathered, wrecked or
stripped to the point of being useful only for parts.
6. Parts Car: Not restorable.
7. Customized: Altered to the point that the car would be considered a custom. Alteration would be more than fender
skirts and continental kit to be a custom