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Leo Russell's '36 Business Coupe  

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Found this car quite by accident while looking for similar year cars. I have always had Chevy's and Ford's but never a Desoto. This one is so nice that I couldn't resist. The only modification to the body are the taillights but its heritage still speaks volumes. Has not been chopped and It is all steel. The paint is a beautiful pearl white. Believe it was built in California but I purchased it from a private seller in Oregon then had it shipped to Virginia. The power plant is a Mopar 360 ci with a 727 auto trans, Mustang II front clip and a Ford 9" rear. Options include ps, pdb, a/c, tilt wheel, power seats and windows, auto door locks and auto front vent cowl. Rides really well and handles like any modern era car. A bit loud but that is part of the beauty of a hot rod. Before I saw this one I had never seen a 1936 Business Coupe. They are indeed rare - I know of only a few. Originally about 2,592 were built. This was the 744th off the assembly line. I rarely enter it in shows but I did last month and it took to top pick. Nobody there had ever seen one either.

Posted : November 8, 2017 7:45 pm
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That car is a beauty, thanks for sharing those photos! If you get a chance, try to upload a photo of the 360 engine. It is unusual that a customizer stays true to brand in their repower, and that engine is probably an antique in it's own right. A lot of club members are fans of MoPars in general and would enjoy seeing that engine. The big light-weight A block 360 is an unusual choice for hot rodding. That engine could have been donated by a DeSoto of the 1970's, the Chrysler Cordoba!

Brent Jacobsen
Owner of a 1952 Desoto Firedome

Posted : November 9, 2017 2:44 am