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Wheel Alignment Issue  

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Anyone with a 1949 or 1950 ever have a problem with wheel alignment? My '49 has never been correct, it is not centering itself coming out of a turn. I had a shop do the alignment that "knows old cars" but I am wondering...

I know of another shop but at $150/ hour here in San Francisco my buddy who did is Chrysler T&C cost him $500!

I may just go spend $750 and buy the tools and do it myself.  But, I wanted to know if there are any known issues with the 1940 & 1950 front ends that I should know about.

I can tell you one thing, the guy who did the alignment did not get both the tie rods the same length which the book says should be 22-31/32 inches. By the way, the service bulletin (3-15-1949) says the tie-rods should be 22-3/4 inches. The later manuals show it as 22-31/32 inch.

He was off by 3/8 of an inch. I suspect that one wheel has too much toe in and the other is at zero or negative.

Thanks if anyone has an insight. My long wheelbase 1947 Desoto drives like a dream out on the road.


Posted : June 11, 2019 6:28 pm
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Did you check your Toe in/out ? I would check that first and that is easy and can be done with a tape measure. Seems like a LOT of money just for an alignment. Then again... I haven't had one done in YEARS!


Posted : June 12, 2019 1:04 pm


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