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a clip of a DeSoto 1949 convertible in Holland  

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I was very lucky and happy that there was a little clip made of my car and two articles written. One was published in the largest newspaper in Holland and one article in a magazine Autovision. Written in dutch, so for most you not so interesting. But maybe the clip is, as it also shows my special garage that was built specially for my car. My wish to see the car from my livingroom came true. Enjoy the clip and let me know what you think of it.
And ofcourse the best wished for all DeSoto lovers in 2018 in good health and happines.


with kind regards
Jan Hermans

Posted : 02/01/2018 3:44 pm
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That is a great video, and I love your garage! That garage has to be a DeSoto lovers dream come true.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the 1949 model as I used one for transportation in the early 1970's. At the time I purchased it, the car was only 24 years old, and would be rather like driving a 1994 car today. Mine was a much less stylish 4-door model though.

That is a great car, thanks for sharing that video and the story!

Brent Jacobsen
Owner of a 1952 Desoto Firedome

Posted : 02/01/2018 8:01 pm
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Good morning Brent. Such a nice idea that in those days, you could just buy one 1949 and just drive it. Nowadays they are a very old car that needs lots of attention to maintain it, to keep it as a driver. No matter what model it is, a 1949 DeSoto gives you a smile on your face that nobody can take away from you haha. I suppose you have so many good memories to cherish and probably some nice pictures to go with it.
My dream came true indeed also with the garage. As I can see it from my livingroom it is a great vieuw to look at any time.
I wish you a very nice day and let's keep on smiling all day through thinking of our beloved car haha

with kind regards, Jan

Posted : 02/02/2018 7:51 am
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Jan, Very nice car. I have a question. Did you decide to use the 1946 to 1948 rear window style as opposed to the correct second series 1949 convertible window style?


Posted : 12/05/2019 4:54 pm


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