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1956 Adventurer & Pace Car Parts For Sale  

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We have the following parts for sale for a 1956 DeSoto Adventurer and Pace Car:


1. NOS or repro new, correct seat cloth (main area measures 42 inches x 56 inches) and vinyl (main area measures 53 inches wide x 71 inches long with about 1 yard being full-width before the cuts start), $175 for both rolls and you don't have to deal with SMS. See photos for pattern and ruler placement to coordinate with the measurements.

2. Used steering wheel, some cracking as seen in photos and little bit of plastic missing around the top edge. Good for a driver car. $325.

3. Used front end emblems. $200 each.


Prices plus shipping. If you are interested in purchasing all of it, we can do a package price. Other '55/'56 DeSoto parts available as well.

IMG 20190609 173247202
IMG 20190609 173301529
IMG 20190609 173839260
IMG 20190609 173821234
IMG 20200622 154048844 HDR
IMG 20200622 154103644 HDR
IMG 20200622 154111785
IMG 20200622 154127444
IMG 20200622 155353892
IMG 20200622 155411696
IMG 20200622 155405008
IMG 20200622 155420925


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