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1942 dash article in Hemmings  

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I got my September issue of Hemmings a few days ago.  (I still haven't finished reading my August copy due to life getting in the way.)  But when a new issue arrives, I always look through the ads and the articles to see if any De Sotos are highlighted.  On page 36 of this issue is an article about the design of the dash for the 1942 De Sotos called "De Lovely Display".  It's a nice article, and states that this particular 1942 De Soto is in the NB Center for American Automotive Heritage in Allentown, PA.  Another thing in PA that I've put on my list of things to see.


Posted : August 6, 2019 12:46 am
Ed Katzenberger
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A friend at church passed on this article to me on behalf of her husband (not a DeSoto guy!). I went to Google to check out the NB collection and found out the following:

It is a private collection and is not open to public tours. Instead they take cars to area car shows and events. BUT

The 42 is part of an exhibit at the America on Wheels museum also in Allentown, AP. The title is 


The exhibit is open until October 19th.

So if there are any NDCers in the area, this is your chance to see a beautiful restoration of a 42 DeLuxe DeSoto.

Ed K

Posted : September 2, 2019 5:28 pm

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