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1929 Desoto Roadster brake linings  

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Dear Fellow Motorists
My '29 Desoto has been taking a dive to the other side of the road on braking. I have now replaced all the wheel cylinders with new from Andy B and also the brake hoses, which were looking dodgy. I have arranged to have the brake shoe linings renewed as one front set was very impregnated with brake fluid. I do not know how thick the linings should be but could guess it. If anyone knows please could you assist? In particular at the same time I am replacing the handbrake lining which is no longer making sufficient contact with the prop shaft cylinder,meven if adjusted fully. Does anyone know how thick this lining needs to be to give it the correct bite?
Many thanks for any advice you may be able to give. Happy motoring
Peter Jeffery (member number 5653 Based in the U.K.)

Posted : November 8, 2018 6:49 pm