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1932 DeSoto Sedan - Disassembled  

Carina Moser
New Member

$7K OBO  All original car. Floors and firewall along with the rest of the main body are solid. There is no engine, was taking the car apart to turn into a rat rod. Main body has been taken down to bare metal. Rest of the sheet metal is still untouched.

List of parts visibly inventoried. Chassis, front and rear axle, transmission, original fuel tank, wheels, headlights, taillights, all glass, dash and gauges, steering column and wheel. Front and rear bumper, grill, radiator, engine covers, fenders, seats. I am sure there is or more that I am missing. It is in boxes also. More picture’s can be made available.

Price:  $7K OBO

IMG 1457
IMG 1458
IMG 1456
IMG 1459
IMG 1461
IMG 1460
IMG 1455
IMG 1454
IMG 1453
IMG 1462
IMG 1474
IMG 1473




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Posted : May 23, 2019 5:21 pm
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