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Fellows DeSoto Dealership?  

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I received a request for information on Fellows Sales and Service DeSoto dealership in Jackson, Michigan.  He said it was owned by his grandfather, Leonard Fellows.  My internet searches came up blank.  Anyone out there have any info on this dealership?


Glenn Colburn

NDC # 3412

Posted : June 22, 2020 6:57 pm
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The only thing I have on that dealer above and beyond what you posted is from the dealer list posted on this website showing that the address was 402 S. Mechanic. Does the guy making the request have any photos of the dealership or anything like that? I'm working out right now how to link photos to each specific dealer so they can be saved for quick reference. I have a number of photos I have saved over the years and there are many posted on different forums and Facebook that would be really nice to get in one accessible location.

You may want to shoot Bob Terpak an email as he maintains the dealer list and sometimes has the source of where the information on the lists came from. That may at least indicate one of the years it was in service if say the source was a 1955 People's and Places magazine or something like that.


Posted : June 22, 2020 7:39 pm