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DeSoto Dealer Thread  

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Since there is not currently a good place for compiling photos of old DeSoto dealers, addresses, related literature, etc., I thought we could start a thread that everyone could contribute photos to. One of the other forums I belong to has a similar thread that has been quite successful, so I am hoping this will be too if everyone contributes!

As you post photos, please also type out the name of the dealer, dealer code (usually shown on the build card or owner's certificates), location, date, etc. if known. It will make it much easier to search the thread later.

I'll get it kicked off with photos I found of Widrig Motors, Inc., which was a DeSoto-Plymouth dealer located at 432 E. Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The photos are dated between 1939-1942 and though I don't know how long they were in existence, the building that is now in that location (Allen-Bradley Hall of Science) actually is part of the Milwaukee School of Engineering campus and was built in 1960, prior to the end of DeSoto. Coincidentally, I spent almost every day studying and attending classes at MSOE in that building. You'll note a number of interior and basement photos, which were taken due to the expansion of Kilbourn Avenue and the bracing work that needed to be done inside of the building for that.

Source: Milwaukee Public Library



Posted : February 7, 2020 6:20 pm