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1950 DeSoto Custom 4 door Sedan  

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One of a kind classic car.  
This is the history of this 1950 Desoto four door sedan.
My grandfather bought the car new. When I turned sixteen in 1968, he gave the car to me as my first car. I have kept the car ever since. In 2010, after a lengthy stay in storage, I started a restoration project of the car. This included new paint, new brakes, radiator, heater core, boiling out the fuel tank, and reupholstering the seats and carpet. After enjoying the car in car shows and weekly cruises for six years, I addressed the engine. This included a rebuild of the motor, new wiring, new carburetor, new front brake lines, new shocks, and a complete transmission service.

 The car still needs some work on the front end. However it is totally drivable as is, and will give the lucky buyer many years of satisfaction without doing anything.
I am asking $6500.00 OBO.

Contact Robert 530 949 6804 or kehoe2@yahoo.com

I will add pictures

The car is in San Diego, CA

interior 3
interior 2
interior 1
IMG 2001
IMG 1993
IMG 1813
IMG 1810
IMG 1813
IMG 1364
IMG 1308

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