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Board Packet 420 (6 Dec 2018)  

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Now that I've finally have gotten back in the Member's Only section of the Forum, I'll start posting the Board Packets where I left off and will add one or two at a time.



Motion 416.1 – Give Regis Bodnar total control of the Club Store – Pitchford

Yes                 __Lyman, Pitchford, Bowers, Mehr, Youngblood, Noble___

No                   _ ___

Abstain          _____

Motion passed.



There are no Motions up for a vote in this Board Packet. – Noble



Motion 415.1 – That the club roster issue be done every two years. – Cochran

Rationale:  The roster this year was an 84 page issue.  By going to every two years this would be a cost cutting measure.  Surely it must cost a lot more than a normal issue. – Cochran

Status:  Awaiting the results of Lyman looking into the cost savings by doing this. – Noble

Comments from Board Packet 417:

I have received some information from the publisher and will put this together, then present. One interesting thing; it would be cheaper to do a 32 pg calendar vice the present 28 pg calendar. I am working on that. Not sure when I will be able to complete my findings; I have some other personal matters taking precedence. – Lyman

Comments from Board Packet 418:

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, I did do a 32 pg calendar. Almost done with my findings. Personal matters still in the forefront. Will get these to Bill before next board packet is due. – Lyman

Comments from Board Packet 419:

See my attached documentation.  (Lyman)

I have been working on a review of the costs for the DeSoto Adventures since shortly after the convention. I contacted our publisher, JPA, who provided me with historical data from the last year.  I also contacted a few other publishers and confirmed that the pricing we receive from JPA is competitive.

First off, a few things need to be understood with regards to publishing. There is something I call the ‘rule of four’ which means that anything published must have a total number of pages that is divisible by four. One thing I did not know was that, for the most efficiency, the optimum number of pages are divisible by sixteen. This makes maximum use of the paper and the plates used to print. No extra cutting, binding or excess paper.

Second, we pay to deliver the DeSoto Adventures in two ways. All members in the US receive their copy via First Class Postage. All members outside the US receive their copy via Shipping. In addition, extra copies of the magazine go to several places (editor, club store, librarian, President) and are shipped.

Facesheets are the piece of paper in each mailing of each issue that has the member’s address & the club’s return address. 7000 last at least 6 issues so this is basically an annual cost.

This past year, we tried to save money by printing out enough registration forms to cover three mailings (Nov/Dec, Mar/Apr & May/June). There were significant errors and the form had to be reprinted for Mar/Apr & May/June.  

We had to print election ballots this year for the first time in approx. ten years. The cost was significantly higher because it ended up being a rush order.

The average cost to print a 24 page issue is approximately $1442. The convention issue is 32 pages and approx. $140 more. The roster issue was 84 pages (64 pages were B&W which is cheaper) and cost $3041.

I had the publisher run a few scenarios for us based on numbers we had from last year. A few surprising things came out.

  1. It is significantly cheaper to print a 32 page calendar versus a 28 page calendar by almost $300. So I did.
  2. As I mentioned above, the most cost-effective use of paper is divisible by sixteen, next most efficient is divisible by eight. I will strive to get the roster issue to either 80 or 88 pages (and also keeping the 64 in B&W).
  3. Be it registration forms or election ballots, we need to order them long in advance of when they are needed. It costs less to do them on white paper.
  4. We are cutting way back on the number of copies being shipped out to the club store and editor.
    1. The publisher will take an exact number to order as opposed to rounding off to the nearest 100, so we are going to do that.
    2. Last year we sent the club store way too many calendars; this year, only 25.
    3. The editor/librarian will get 7 copies of each issue, the club store will get 5. There will also be an indirect saving as it will not cost as much to ship.
    4. I suggest bumping the price on both the calendars and the issues from the store to at least $8 each.

If we take Chuck’s suggestion (I like it) and do the roster issue every other year, we would realize a good savings. I would probably dedicate a few pages in the off-year January issue to consolidating a list on new members from the previous year. Barrett would need to receive enough roster issues to cover two years for new members. In order to do this, we need to do the roster issue in 2019 and then plan on skipping in even numbered years. 

A couple of comments with regard to going to electronic copies of the magazine:

  1. Tim had a poll on the Facebook page asking about this (votes on the left):

69 - I still enjoy holding a printed magazine

10 - I have no strong preference

6 – I prefer digital copies

2 – I prefer it to be sent via mental telepathy. I know this is a facetious selection but the big majority (over 80%) prefer the printed magazine.

  1. The Sep-Oct convention issue was 39.4MB as sent to the publisher. I’m pretty sure most folks cannot download a file that size and if they can, it would take quite a while.

With regard to shifting from 6 issues to 4 issues annually, I STRONGLY disagree. Consider if we did, the first issue would be for the upcoming convention, there would be a second issue, the third issue would cover the convention after it was held and then there would be a roster issue (at least every other year: not enough ‘other’ content. Several detrimental effects here;

  • Less frequency would cause folks to reconsider if it was worth it to renew.
  • “The convention is the only thing in the magazine” (we already get a healthy bit of that).
  • Complaints by those that use the classified ads.
  • JC Taylor ad would pay less

Please consider, digest and comment.


Motion 418.1 – Accept the minutes for our Open and Regular Trustees meetings as presented with Board Packet 417. – Noble

Rationale:  Since there were no corrections nor comments on these minutes, I’ve put them up for approval. – Noble


My vote on motion 418.1 is NO.  Assuming that our by-laws mandate Robert's Rules of Order, I find it unethical that we should even be voting on something that is acknowledged on the face of it to be illegal and wrong.  A Trustee is, by definition, charged and obligated with upholding a fiduciary duty to the Trust and its members.  To even vote on such a wrongful matter is a dereliction of duty.  There are other possible solutions.  Amend the By-laws to specify that certain provisions of RR of O will not be followed or simply specify that a majority vote will prevail in all matters and it will be just "a Good Ole Boys" club without any parliamentary procedure. Ha! – Cochran


The minutes, in my opinion, are to be a record of the meeting as it was conducted.  If proper procedures were not followed during the meeting, that is not the fault of the minutes. – Noble

Comments from Board Packet 419:

Roberts Rules were not followed but I would vote YES to accept the minutes as they were a record of what happened at the meeting.  (Mehr)


(These next two sections are items from our convention meetings that I feel we need to keep track of. – Noble)


Number of Yearly Club Magazine Issues – Cheryl Bianco asked, in reference to the recent membership dues increase, if the club had considered reducing the number of yearly issues of our magazine from six down to four.  She estimated that this could result in a cost savings of around $9,000.  Lyman stated that the magazine costs aren’t based solely on the number of yearly issues.  He would look into this, as well as checking with other publishing companies to see what it would cost to have them do our magazine since it has been several years now since the last time a comparison was made on printing costs.  Overley pointed out that our club’s by-laws would have to be revised if we were to reduce the number of yearly issues from six to four.

Comments from Board Packet 418:

I will address this with my other findings. Savings will not be close to that. – Lyman

Comments from Board Packet 419:

See my attached documentation.  (Lyman)  (NOTE:  see above comments)


Club Magazine via PDF’s – It was pointed out that the Chesapeake AACA Chapter has gone to using PDF’s for their magazines instead of hardcopies.  Lyman said that he would look into what this would cost considering that the NDC would still have to print hardcopies for those members who don’t use computers.  And then there’s the possibility that the file-size would be too large to allow our magazine to be sent via e-mail as a PDF.

Comments from Board Packet 418:

I will address this with my other findings. – Lyman

Comments from Board Packet 419:

See my attached documentation.  (Lyman) (NOTE: see above comments)


Posting Club Store Items on Our Website – Bodnar asked if this is possible; Bowers said that he’s working on it.



Technical Advisors – Are we still missing a Tech Advisor for the 1953 model year?

Parts Replacement Coordinator – Bowers stated that he’s trying to get an NDC member to take on the Parts Replacement Coordinator position – any progress?

Comments from Board Packet 419:

James Diaz used to be the Salvage Yard coordinator, and he has rejoined the club and indicated that he would like to step back in this role.  I believe an email has been sent to him asking him to write up a new letter or introduction for the magazine.  I'll follow up and see where things are at.  (Bowers)


Motion 415.2 – That the club help sponsor drivers of De Sotos in events such as the Great Race.  Any word back from our CA and/or Puget Sound chapters regarding helping with the 2019 Great Race?

Comments from Board Packet 418:

If we can’t issue a magazine 6 times a year, how can we sponsor someone in the great race. – Pesavento

Comments from Board Packet 419:

My intent to be aware of old car activities like the Great Race, or similar, wasn't to necessarily spend a great deal of money.  Sponsorship can include other types of support, such as technical advice, etc.  The group of students and their sponsors that participated in the 2108 GR apparently weren't even aware that the NDC existed until after the fact.

The first challenge I see is to find a way to be aware of those kind of activities.  After that, why can't we at least make ourselves available in some fashion that might include technical and parts help through our network of members, and provide them with a couple of the window decals that are in our club store?

Not everything has to cost money.  (Bowers)



There is no New Business for the Board Packet. – Noble



2018 Convention

Attached is the final Income & Expense statement for our 2018 convention.  At first, Fred thought that we had broken even, but then he received the bill for the extra over-night security for the cars.  That put us at a loss of $671.27 (which is the difference between the $2,000 advance from the NDC and the $1,328.73 that the convention paid back to the NDC.)  What really hurt us was that we had to reserve early-on the number of train ride tickets; we estimated that we would have 150 adult passengers, but we had only 100.  A painful lesson that hopefully we can prevent at our future conventions. – Noble

  NDC Advance ($1,150 + $850)   $2,000.00
  Registrations for convention packet - 11 @ $20.00 $220.00
  Registrations - 68 @ $45.00   $3,060.00
  Late Registrations - 11 & $50.00 $550.00
  Cash Income     $0.00
  Titanic Musuem - 88 @ $23, 2 @ $13 $2,050.00
  Train Ride - 100 @ $28.25, 2 @ $17.75 $2,860.50
  T-shirts - preordered: small, 2 @ $15.00 $30.00
  T-shirts - preordered: medium, 14 @ $17.00 $238.00
  T-shirts - preordered: large, 37 @ $17.00 $629.00
  T-shirts - preordered: XL, 34 @ $17.00 $578.00
  T-shirts - preordered: 2XL, 12 @ $19.00 $228.00
  T-shirts - preordered: 3XL, 5 @ $19.00 $95.00
  T-shirts - preordered: 4XL, 2 @ $20.00 $40.00
  T-shirts sale during conveniton   $125.00
  Food Truck Refund     $707.38
  Friday Ice Cream Social - 152 @ $3.50 $532.00
  Banquet - 156 @ $35.00   $5,460.00
  Income from Miscellaneous Sources $0.00
      Total Income   $19,402.88
  Repay NDC Advance   $1,328.73
  Titanic Museum     $2,047.00
  Train Ride     $4,237.50
  Friday Ice Cream Social   $668.25
  Banquet       $5,532.81
  Table Decorations     $400.00
  Additional Awards - Motel pick, Museum pick $47.46
  Dash Plaques     $405.38
  Convention Badges     $92.00
  T-shirts       $1,887.00
  Neck Wallets - 220     $561.89
  Convention Booklet Printing   $482.63
  Awards Banquet Program Printing $91.16
  Postage       $26.80
  6 X 9 Envelopes     $17.60
  Neck Wallet & Mini-agenda Paper $29.35
  Lables       $13.87
  Ink Cartridges - 1 black & 1 tri-color $45.87
  Copies: 180 ice cream tickets & 200 People's Choice ballots $9.23
  Checks       $24.35
  Food Truck     $750.00
  Security       $704.00
      Total Expenses   $19,402.88
      Net    $0.00

Hershey Experience:

So how did things go at Hershey this year?  I heard that, unfortunately, they had a lot of rain.  Are we going to try this again next year?  If so, we need to decide so soon due to the discounted registration fee due-date coming up within the next couple of months. – Noble

Posted : June 23, 2020 8:42 pm