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Second Thoughts  

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hi everyone, its been a while since i made a post. The desoto has been apart since october, i had trusted a person close to me to get it done in 3-4 months and we only just pulled the block, and they dont want to work on it anymore. im starting to lose hope. i love my desoto so much. so so so much. but im starting to think that selling it might be the best option. its completely stripped, with no front suspension, some interior issues, and a rotted out trunk pan. From this point forward untill i am able to get the car to a friends house to help me i am on my own. this is the first time i have worked on a car myself and i am mostly unexperienced.

I have the block pulled (heads are at a shop) and i need to degrease and clean it with the bottom end still in it. Any tips on how to clean it, and how to get all the water out? 
as for the suspension, the torsion bars are out, how to i get them back in properly?
i have so many questions i dont know where to direct them or even where i should start.
if theres anyone here who has worked extensively on a 1961 desoto it would be really nice to talk with someone as i am completely lost

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Posted : April 8, 2020 9:49 am
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The last thing you want to do is to sell the car at this point.  You will lose a ton of money b/c you will have limited buyers interested in a car that is in a 1000 pieces.  Finish up with what you are doing now, such as the heads.  Don't worry about the trunk, that can be done at any time later.  Concentrate on the mechanics.

Get the car back together, get it driving.  It will be worth the most then and only then.  I forget where you are located, but any good mechanic should be able to help you get it back together.  Its a real shame what your "friend" has done by opting out on you in the middle of the project.  That leaves you stranded.  

Good luck with your progress and don't give up. I've been there many times but just held on until I could find help or parts.  There HAS to be a good mechanic in your area that will finish the work.  Even if it costs you more, it may be worth it in the end for both you and the car! 


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Posted : April 10, 2020 2:07 am
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Where are you located? Judging by your description the car is no longer able to be rolled and is a shell with interior in it. It's hard to sell a torn down project unless someone is familiar with the particular car. Is the sub-frame still in it? Do you have the mechanical abilities to reassemble the suspension and brakes to get it rolling?

Posted : April 24, 2020 9:36 pm