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New DeSoto owner and new Club member  

Duane Wiedor
Active Member

I purchased a 1941 De Soto Custom on June 30th. I have four other vintage cars; 31 Model A, 54 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe, 73 Mustang Conv, and a 79 El Camino SS. In very quick order I've come to appreciate the design beauty of the De Soto. Obviously I'm eclectic when it comes to vintage cars (my wife has other words for it, but that's not for this forum!)

The De Soto has been in Syracuse, NY for the last 17 years and belonged to a elderly gentlemen who restored the exterior paint, interior, and the engine compartment. He did a very nice job. The car came to him from San Diego. He shared a story about the hood ornament (Godess) with me - when his seven year old grand daughter first laid eyes on the car she looked over the car and with particular attention to the Godess she commented "My grandpa, what big elbows she has!) I think I'm naming this car ELBOWS!

I'm hoping to track the history of this car so if anyone can help me find more information, please reply. The VIN is S818789.

Looking forward to many miles of enjoyment.


Posted : July 7, 2017 5:58 pm