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This was the final model year that DeSoto was built and would not even carry a model name. Offered only in a 4 door or 2 door hardtop body with one engine option, this model year was only produced for a few short months before ceasing production on November 30, 1960. The last car to roll off the assembly line was a turquoise and white 2 door hardtop. Speculation that the car market was shifting towards smaller cars (recall Valiant was introduced in 1960) and a great deal of overlap and internal market competition within Chrysler Corporation (the lower Dodge brand had expanded up and the higher Chrysler brand had expanded down, completely overlapping DeSoto in the middle) ultimately led to the decision to discontinue the DeSoto brand altogether. After 32 years in existence with many satisfied owners and loyal buyers, DeSoto sadly was no more. Today, the National DeSoto Club and its members preserves the history of an automobile that was a significant part of American history.

The National DeSoto Club maintains a registry for all known 1961 DeSotos. If you have one and would like it added to the list, please contact Dean Mullinax at desotodean@gmail.com.

Engine: 361 c.i.

Wheelbase: 122 inches

VIN Start:

VIN End: 6113135102

2-Door Hardtops Produced: 911

4-Door Hardtops Produced: 2,123


Source: The Plymouth and DeSoto Story by Don Butler