The National DeSoto Club welcomes you to Homepage DeSoto, a special service to our members, and a courtesy to car enthusiasts around the world.

Here the NDC hopes to instill a new appreciation for DeSoto, the automobile that so well embodied the virtues of comfort, style, innovation and value during its three decades of production.

Though vanished from showrooms, DeSoto remains a symbol of the American automobile at its height. With a little searching and a little care, you can relive the best motoring had to offer - behind the wheel of a DeSoto. Homepage DeSoto will help you do just that.

Touring Homepage Desoto

Chrysler Corporation might have given up on DeSoto, but you haven't. Homepage DeSoto has served more than 100,000 DeSoto enthusiasts since it went online in 1993. Thanks to you, DeSoto is now an international phenomenon. To keep up with demand, here we grow again!

Once again, a New Look

We have once again decided to give Homepage DeSoto a new look. We have modernized a bit, yet still maintained the classy look you've come to expect. The menus and borders stay consistent and accessible on the left hand side of your screen.

New 'Photo Gallery' Section

We have added a new section for Member's Cars and other photos. Now you can showcase your prized vehicle and admire the treasures of other members. Visit the 'Member's Cars' section to submit photos of your car for inclusion on the site. Even if they are under construction.

New 'Message Board ' Section

We have also added a Message Board to make DeSoto.org more interactive. You can now share your favorite DeSoto stories, find parts for your latest restoration project, get advice on a problem you are having, give advice to someone having problems, etc. The possibilities are endless!

NDC Recruiting

An organization needs volunteers to survive. If you'd like to help DeSoto, here's the place to make you wish known. Just fill out the form describing your skills, and you'll be put on the list of available volunteers.

That's all, folks!

That's about it for what's new. Homepage DeSoto will continue to transform before your eyes, so we hope you'll forgive us if a room here or a page there looks a little unkempt; rest assured, Homepage DeSoto wants the best for you, and your DeSoto, too.